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NEW 19 language SpeechGuard TLX - Blog ECTACO.CZ | About electronic dictionaries - Electronic dictionary ECTACO

This is an exceptional phone and voice translator for exceptional situations.

SpeechGuard TLX/WLD19 comes preloaded with language pairs:

English <-> Arabic, Arabic <-> English;
English <-> Chinese, Chinese <-> English;
English <-> Farsi, Farsi <-> English;
English <-> French, French <-> English;
English <-> German, German <-> English;
English <-> Hebrew, Hebrew <-> English;
English <-> Indonesian, Indonesian <-> English;
English <-> Italian, Italian <-> English;
English <-> Japanese, Japanese <-> English;
English <-> Korean, Korean <-> English;
English <-> Polish, Polish <-> English;
English <-> Portuguese, Portuguese <-> English;
English <-> Russian, Russian <-> English;
English <-> Spanish, Spanish <-> English;
English <-> Tagalog, Tagalog <-> English;
English <-> Thai, Thai <-> English;
English <-> Turkish, Turkish <-> English;
English <-> Vietnamese, Vietnamese <-> English.

Representing a new generation of smartphones and travel technology, the Ectaco SpeechGuard is the most powerful & robust talking interpreter travel tool to simplify communication ever released. With its unique features, flexibility and great capacity for customization, the SpeechGuard is an indispensable gadget for anyone who encounters people with limited or no English speaking ability. Capable of receiving FREE incoming calls in over 160 countries without a contract and instantly translating voice and pictures in 19 different languages, the SpeechGuard will replace virtually all existing electronics used by travelers including a smartphone, cell phone, laptop, radio and more.




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